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Wednesday, October 16, 2013



team is now looking for  Recruiting Specialist, to Answer calls from new hire
Prospects, and process New Candidate Applications and Resumes also
after a good performance review by your Team Supervisor You will be selected to
handle calls for some of our Big name Clients like  Barnes & Noble, AT&T, Apple
Mobility, Direct TV, Free Life Insurance and many more,

You can answer calls using your home phone or Cell Phone
(Google voice Recommended).
This Job will allow you to work flexible hours and still earn a great salary  (
Weekly performance based Pay) of  $400.00 a week  +  Commission and bonuses. get
paid weekly with Direct deposit through PayPal or pay card  TOP RECRUITERS HAVE

You will be taking Inbound calls,from Candidates/People who are ready to work,
you will assist them with completing the application process,and actively
provide support with answering any job related questions that they may have,

You will be the first Point Of Contact For  THE O.T.C.N so we will expect the
highest standards of Customer Service at all times when handling calls. training
will be provided to ensure quality of Performance.  A Background check Report is
required for this position, only checking 6 month history- this report will also
be used to verify identity due to the abuse of the system. We do have a Second
Chance program available for people with less-than-perfect Background report.
If you Apply today you could  Start training within Seven to Ten days, this is
a great opportunity

TO Speak To a Recruiting Representative or to schedule an interview
CALL 1888-348-9182   Ext. 299 Call Now, Training and orientation provided.
to complete an application and background check click the link
office hours M-F 9 am to 10 pm Sat 10 am to 7 pm
 Call Now 1888-348-9182  Ext. 299

THE O.T.C.N, is a small but Growing Call center Staffing Network that provides
call center training,hiring and advertising services for Companies like  Barnes
& Noble, AT&T, Apple Mobility, Direct TV, Free Life Insurance  and
many more, our objective is to increase product public awareness on a national
level through Day to day contact with prospects who have the knowledge to spread
the word. At
THE OTCN We Believe the best customers or the ones you pay!!  Working with major
players in the ADVERTISING, INTERNET and MARKETING industries, we have created a
service to our clients that will not only provide our clients with highly
trained and knowledgeable Call center Reps, but will also provide our clients
with endless amounts of word of mouth referrals and advertising Outlets, By
offering  our new hires at
THE OTCN a wonderful opportunity to actually work directly for our Clients and
earn a Competitive salary.

JOB DESCRIPTION & POSITIONS AVAILABLE Upon successfully completing our training
program you will start taking inbound calls from People just like your self who
are ready to work the calls will be forwarded to your phone from our company
dial-er you will need to walk the prospect through a 3 step application Process
and answer any questions the caller may have about the Job also if selected by
our team of directors after receiving a good review you will start taking calls
for some of our major clients listed above in the COMPANY DESCRIPTION SECTION
with these calls you will be asked to answer product questions,handle live call
transfers,process sales calls and promote our clients advertised services to
Generate awareness of free products marketed By our clients you may also
  handle follow up calls from appointments that are set for and sometimes by

 Recruiting Specialist,


Hiring Organization:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is it wrong Or what would you do for YOUR Kid? (leukemia) Comments welcome-

What would you think of this option- as you listen carefully to the case? Remember it is Cannabis Oil not with "THC". Would you stick with tradition of Leukemia care? Let us know-

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Simple Money Making Concept for 2014- Self Reliance

I must begin this article with the most sustainable facts there are today in order to give you the most idea of why this is of importance to you as it is to me. With that being said this article will continuously go edited and added to in order to maintain updates and facts.

Over the coarse of the past 5 years I have done a guerrilla research upon creating marketing ideas and ways to generate income without scams or waste of money- in research I have discovered many pros and cons of the many MLM's, Jobs and most other "Opportunities". In this research just to give you idea of the credibility of this concept I have experienced first hand numerous seminars, webinars, Outbound sales, inbound sales and online marketing projects. All of which has helped me come to a closing on the idea and more than ready to unleash it to you as well as the community. As I don't expect the world to take this concept and understand nor for it to be new to everyone, understanding that there are plenty people thinking similar or along the lines (I still welcome you to ideas).

Inspired by the many conferences, seminars and public meetings as well as available research I find that I am more than ready to expose this concept for individual growth (YOU), Income support and prosperity. As in any concept that falls into success there comes sources and how to's- this would be yours directly. I am going lead you into this concept based upon my situation, which i am more than sure is either similar to yours or not to far off (If not close at all still great). Living in today's economy I'm sure as many of us you to can find it difficult to maintain income, food to some point and freedom to enjoy your time- Our situation! Which is the main wheels and drive to this concept. Its a simple design of concept and is using a structure of 3 in foundation meaning, the start and end of this system all relies on how well we develop our system ground up (Start) and will determine our longevity and income growth. Why am I so sure this concept will work today?- simply because of the timing and the advantages that are left on the field. These include the lack of jobs, the more want to know minds out here, and best of all the simplicity to do this concept. No its not a get rich over night scheme or "Pyramid Scam". When I think of Pyramid base structures is just the same as the traditional job- Your work pays someone else much more! Not in this case, here your work pays off completely to you 100%. All you have to do is put in your time, effort and will to think outside the box.

To get to the 3 structure idea, this is more in your favor of thinking and understanding of how the system will remain strong and work for you. How it works for you? id say to make your own income (100-200+ a week or day) I'm sure it can be more but that all depends on your efforts. Three, Is strength to me and is a well sustainable way to build your money. Lets start with one to break it down- 1 can be anything of your choosing as to a source in income but I'm using my choice as an idea- I choose to start with a online customer service which I will disclose to those that inquire. With this company I took the opportunity as a recruit specialist which allows me to work on my own time, make 100+ a week extra or sometimes a day just taking calls. Second, I choose something I have had interest in for about 4 years now and makes me a small income ranging 20-50$ a flash and programming phones. Along with computer repairs and so on I use these things to drive a small amount of money as of now. As phones and computers are at top charts in day to day usage I find it firm to say its a stable and growing industry. Of coarse, I'm not expecting my examples to fit you in particular but Id hope that your choice will render you stability in demand. Third I choose a company called Solavei- They supply a service and top of line phones. Good flexible plans and of coarse no contracts! For a little idea of why it works- They use T-Mobile towers which is 4G and a noticeable speed. I'm just starting it myself and will be updating my accomplishments with it.

Now that you kinda see the basic structure I'm using of 3 to generate income you should already be thinking of your choices if different or either emailing me about recommendations. I stand more than firm on the structure and idea to turn small income into larger income based on your own performance. Of coarse along the way on many of my experiences I indeed spend and sacrifice some money here and there but, I believe in this world money is going to have to be spent anytime when you want something! How much you spend is up to you as I keep a small budget in mind that I'm willing to sacrifice to operate opportunities. That's the point I state to many people, "Keep a part time JOB to balance and to keep extra money flowing." If you can't find work, that makes more time for you to invest in your own income, based upon your mind state I don't expect everyone to already come equipped to drive their own business. I do know everyone that has the will is capable of carrying out this simple concept to make a few extra bucks a day or week. Especially, those that spend large amount of time on computers and smart phones! For the sake of simplicity, the more opportunities you have at hand that you can balance in your time and small budget the more money you can generate and possible end the 9-5 life!

What did I personally learn over the coarse of time? Numerous things but most of all not all opportunities are good of coarse but the ones that have a large market leverage and product will always be high on my list! I have seen to many business offers from start up become big in 1-2 years so why miss out on good ones.  Also I stay up on how I spend my time on certain endeavors because no one wants to put in more work than outcome they receive for to long. With that in mind my recommendations will always consist of balance and not request to much from you or the impossible. The three wheels I choose just so happen to not require much Money to start from me and the time is something I'm always willing to spend to learn or prosper from. As long as I put in simple advertising and networking I continue to make 150+ a week. Not costing me a thing but of coarse maybe a little gas time or possibly advertising fee. Internet jobs are making that small and obsolete to many angles and I enjoy the possibilities. I tend to keep in mind as long there is Internet there is MONEY! Agreed id hope in your mind as well. With this system I plan to pass along what works for me and teach YOU to duplicate it to work for you also. I would also recommend if not already you take time to identify what skills you have and resources at hand to generate a service (Part of your wheel of income) . This may be your top of 3 id assume and from their if you please contact me for more ideas or recommendations email me . 

With this concept I hope that it either can motivate you to start your own team or join the team here- Either way with this simple concept in mind you will accomplish similar or better results! 

(Those that start their own teams I pray and hope that you do not mix with pyramid like business- where the people at the start or top reap all the benefits and the people coming in are blinded!) I do not promote that thinking or structure of business.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Android running slow or Saying Low space? Simple things to do to fix-

By: Mr Guru

So you have either your new Handset (Cell Phone) and it snaps right on, websites run fast, apps pop right up and no low space warnings right?- or you are already a step ahead in the problem at hand with your phone blasting with low space warnings or your android is just completely functioning with errors. Whichever your case may be its a simple fix and can be done in no time.To give you an understanding of your problem and how to always prevent it ill explain a few things in brief detail.

  • What is Cache?-A collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place.  Over time, your programs write to the app cache on your phone and eat up precious system resources while slowing everything down.

*It is perfectly OK and will not damage your system as these are not system files**In simple form these are like cookies or build up files from your history of actions on devices or computers.

  • How to delete Cache?- 
  1. One main way to access and clean cache manually: Go to your settings on your smart phone scroll until you see applications/application manager select that. Now you should see all of your apps installed on your phone, click one and scroll a tad bit down you will see the stats of the app and cache stats. Anything usually over 2.0Mb is more than enough space being taking up by multiple apps so id say to test it out press clear cache button. Walla, one way to manually clean cache as you if you choose you may go back and select each one and do same for. (Time consuming) But this will surely help you run your smart phone like new!
  2. THE BEST, simplest way is to visit your Android market and search for a Cache cleaner. I recommend Cache Cleaner Pro which of coarse is not free on market. But if you cant get it grab any cache cleaner with 4 or more star ratings. Be sure to set up schedules to clean your cache so that you do not have to manually do them.
  3. The more technical way is to have your phone rooted which allow full access and privileges to files and to control your android speeds. With rooting your phone you will be able to find kernels that give add-ins to cleaning cache and dalivik cache.

  • Does Deleting Apps help?- Yes, deleting unused apps or large apps also help. If you have not done so already moving apps to your SD cards helps tremendously also. Simply go back to settings and apps and if possible (If allowed) move it to the SD. Most user files can be moved and system files cannot unless your phone is rooted. Move as many as possible but remember, this will take up space where you most likely save your music which are some of the most biggest files you will access.
Most likely by the time you have completed those simple steps your warning of low space has cleared if not, I have a few more steps that are a little more advance but simple all in same.

First go to android market and download Astro File manager (I use most its simple). Once downloaded select Sdcard1 usually title in that format. Afterwards you shall see all files on your Android be careful in this place this is where your at risk of damaging your android (OK though I'M HERE 4 U). Select Downloads and delete anything you don't use or old music and so forth. I like Astro as it gives you ability to multi- select and many more. Once done go back and select your photo location and delete any old photo you can bare not keeping most likely if you use social networking for personal use you almost delete them all as its OK because most of your pictures are already backed up on the sites.

I am more than sure at this point your phone shall be running smooth with enough space to operate like normal. If still having problems email me as i respond within 2-3 hours and can troubleshoot you myself "Title" (Android problems)

Questions: post in comments or any request for tutorials or how to's contact me.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What would you do? LOL For the Day!!

What would you do lol?

Marshal Law- On Verge and closer than ever AMERICA People Wake up! (Video) n Proof

Check out this video until We post the Article- Comment as you please!

What You Need To Know Before This Week’s House Vote On Food Stamps By Alan Pyke

House Republicans plan to vote Wednesday on the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act, the remaining half of the policy traditionally referred to as the farm bill that would deal with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, otherwise known as food stamps). The House passed the portion that relates more directly to agriculture in July.
Here’s what you need to know about how this week’s action in the House will affect hunger and poverty in America.
What changes are Republicans proposing for food assistance programs? The bill scheduled for a Wednesday vote cuts $40 billion from food stamps over the coming decade. While that is just a 5.2 percent reduction from what the program is projected to spend under current rules, it would affect millions of the most vulnerable people in the country. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) estimates between 4 and 6 million people would lose their food assistance benefits under the proposal. The text of the bill hasn’t been released, but it will reportedly derive its cuts from the same sorts of changes to eligibility that were proposed by House conservatives earlier this summer. Those include both a more extreme version of the Senate’s changes to the application process for food stamps and work requirements provisions that doomed the original House farm bill last time. At present, families who are enrolled in other forms of federal assistance such as heating oil vouchers can enroll more easily in SNAP, but the House bill would end that streamlined process. Conservatives argue that tighter restrictions are necessary due to fraud and waste in food stamps, but food stamp audits routinely show that the program wastes less money and is less vulnerable to fraud than the crop insurance system those same conservatives reauthorized in July.
Where will the 6 million people who lose nutritional assistance turn for food? Private charities say they will not be able to pick up the slackHouse conservatives intend to create with the $40 billion cut to food stamps. Food banks and soup kitchens are already stretched beyond their capacity by unusually high poverty and unemployment in the wake of the Great Recession. It is therefore highly likely that hunger will become more common in America than it already is. Currently one in seven families – totaling 49 million people, 8 million of whom are children – face food insecurity. Child hunger is already so common that three in four teachers report that their students show up to class hungry on a regular basis.
What would SNAP cuts mean for the economy? Hunger among studentsreduces educational attainment, which comes with long-term costs for the country that likely exceed the short-term savings conservatives seek from food assistance programs. Furthermore, the SNAP program is one of the most efficient forms of economic stimulus the government can employ. The program returns close to $2 of economic activity for every dollar spent. Cutting the program is therefore likely to create a drag on the recovery. In 2011 alone, the program lifted nearly 5 million people out of poverty.
Why weren’t food stamps handled along with the rest of the farm bill this summer? Prior to this summer, nutrition programs had always been wrapped up with agricultural programs in the farm bill. Some lawmakers refer to the nutrition matters as the “nutrition title,” since it has traditionally been a section of the farm bill rather than a standalone law. House leaders effectively doomed the decades-long marriage of agriculture and nutrition policy in June when they endorsed an amendment attaching harmful, redundant work requirements to SNAP. The amendment doomed Democratic support yet also failed to secure enough Republican votes for final passage of the farm bill. Rather than try to re-craft a farm bill that could win majority support, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-OH) opted to splitthe nutrition and agricultural portions into separate legislation.
What happens next? Once the House passes a nutrition bill, the two House bills and the Senate farm bill will have to be reconciled. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), who chairs the Agriculture Committee in the upper chamber, has warned that the House’s split approach to the farm bill threatens to undermine the whole of American food policy. The Senate has passed a farm bill that cuts $4 billion, or 0.5 percent, from the food stamps budget over a decade. Those cuts will form one anchor to any reconciliation process between the two legislative bodies, and the House legislation will form the other. Meanwhile, there are already automatic cuts coming to the program in November when a Recovery Act provision expires.
By Alan Pyke

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Google Chromebook Review Scope

Google are back with a brand new Chromebook, manufactured by Samsung and sporting the latest iteration of Chrome OS, Google’s cloud-based PC operating system. Interestingly, the new Chromebook will start shipping on October 26th, the same day as Windows 8 is released. Google aim to tempt users away from Windows 8 with a cheaper alternative, while would-be buyers have their wallets and purses in hand.
With an 11.6 inch matte display, it’s not quite as big as a standard laptop, but it’s still a little bigger than the 10 inch netbooks of old. Weighing in at just 1.1kg the new Chromebook is seriously lightweight, while still managing to provide an impressive 6.5 hour battery life in general use (based on Google’s tests). How this battery life holds up to real world use is yet to be determined.
Inside the Chromebook’s minimalist plastic shell (reminiscent of the MacBook Air), you’ll find a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor, 16GB storage, 2GB of RAM, WiFi connectivity and a front-facing VGA camera for video calls (courtesy of Google+ Hangouts). As with the previous generation, you can pay a little extra and get a 3G enabled model for £299, enabling you to buy a data plan specifically for your laptop, without relying on WiFi access to connect to the web.
As you’ve probably already noticed, 16GB is not a lot of memory for a laptop, but because it’s running Chrome, all your files and data are stored ‘in the cloud’ on Google’s servers. To make sure you have plenty of online storage space Google are providing a substantial 100GB of cloud storage space, via Google Drive, free for two years.
Google are really promoting the Chromebook’s speed and security with their current advertisements and there’s good reason. The new Chromebook boots up in under 10 seconds and because it’s entirely cloud-based, the system should theoretically never slow down. So two years in, it’ll still boot up just as fast as it did on the day you bought it. If the OS becomes faulty you can simply re-install the software and it’ll be back in full working order in no time, with all your files exactly as you left them, courtesy of Google’s offsite cloud storage.
chromebook keyboard 300x225 Google reinvent the ChromebookThis also means Google can update the OS with new features, security updates and bug fixes without you ever having to worry about maintaining the system yourself. Think of it like more like a mobile phone OS than a desktop one. Even apps, themes and extensions are installed via the Chrome Web Store. No more CDs and downloaded EXE files. The Chromebook doesn’t even have a CD drive. In fact, there are no moving parts in the entire computer, not even a fan, thanks to the low-power ARM-based processor that powers the computer.
As all your settings are stored in the cloud, it means multiple users, family members, and even guests, can log-in on the same Chromebook without slowing the computer down or adding unwanted clutter to the OS. For users who don’t require complex software and can get by with Google Docs rather than Microsoft Word, then a Chromebook would be an excellent substitute for a Windows machine. Especially at such a low price. If on the other hand, you need more performance and access to specific non-Google apps, then maybe a Chromebook is not for you.
It’ll be interesting to see how well received this new generation Chromebook will be, especially considering they are going head-to-head with Windows 8. I can’t decide if this was a good move or a bad one. It’s possible consumers could be tempted away from a brand new Windows laptop, especially if they don’t take kindly to its new tile-based interface, but it’s a big leap of faith to switch to an entirely new operating system paradigm. No Microsoft Word, no Outlook, no ‘Start’ bar, it would be a big change for many people.
Due to this Windows legacy that Google have to deal with, it’s hard to see where the future of Chrome OS lies. As Android continues to grow in both popularity and features, it seems inevitable that Android will be the OS to capture the public’s imagination long before Chrome OS does. Android seems destined to evolve into Google’s definitive mobile operating system, capable of powering phones, tablets and laptops alike. Making Chrome OS obsolete in the process.

Most are complaining about the file usage on the chromebook as in unable to open .exe files etc. Although that may seem as a major down fall as stated before everything works off Google allowing you to upload your files though Google Drive. I find with this kinda cool that i can access my files from phone to computer to any other devices easily.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pressure washing and House cleaning Best rate Around

Pressure washing and Car detailing service at its prime and Mobile at your convenience. We are more than happy to offer Atlanta and bordering cities our services including : Driveways, House sidings, Pools, Cars inside out, Waxing, Marble and tile floor cleaning, Houses inside cleaning and removal, commercial business cleaning and Lawn service. Any other service contact us we will be glad to service your needs.

Remember we are mobile- Meaning we can set appointments and or do on-site work! We work to convenience YOU! Email or call us Today get the best Rate 404-951-1079

Thursday, October 18, 2012

DumBASS Of The Day- Start Your Day With this Laugh!

DumBASS Of The Day- Start Your Day With this Laugh!
The irony of him thinking he could do it!! Lol to funny after he realizes it was stupid!

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